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Recycling and Waste Management Games for Children

07.11.2018, 08:34
Recycling and Waste Management Games for Children

Recycling is of paramount importance to both nature and humanity. Recycling can help preserve the environment and natural resources from pollutants and toxic materials. It is therefore important to teach children about recycling as they are the face of the future.

Apart from dumpster rental Evansville IN services that help with waste management, games can be a means of learning for kids when it comes to recycling. What effective way to teach children about recycling other than through games. There are various games available that provide insight to recycling that is very educational to kids. These can be divided into live action recycling games, online recycling games, and recycling games for mobile devices.

Here is a list of games that can keep your little one entertained while educating them on recycling.

Interesting Recycling and waste management games for Kids:

Live Action Recycling Games

These are kids recycling games that take place on the board. You can play these live action recycling games with your child or with a group of kids.

  1. Recycling Relay

This game involves gathering a pile of recyclable, reusable as well as landfill items. The things you need: one recycle box, one reuse box, and one trash box. The boxes are then placed at the end of the playing area with the reuse box placed the closest and the landfill box the furthest.

The teams have to figure out which items to reuse and explain how the items they place in the recycle bin are actually recyclable.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt game requires the children to find recyclable items from the list that you have assigned them. For instance, you can make a list of items such as bottles, paper items, and plastic. You can also ask them to pick recyclable items that they come across. This will educate them on things that are recyclable in the community.

  1. Let’s Recycle Sorting Game

Here, you need to divide the kids into teams of four and give each of them a dice, game mat, paper bag, and game cards. Ask them to sort the cards into the appropriate categories on the mat and roll the dice to get points. The team that sorts the trash, compostable, and recyclables correctly wins the game.


Online Recycling Games

With the advancement of technology, most kids spend a lot of their time on their phones or tablets. Fortunately, online resources are now making it easy to teach kids about recycling by introducing online recycling games that take place on screen. Here are some fun and interactive online recycling games to consider.

  1. Recycle This

Presented by NASA, this game helps kids understand how long plastic and aluminum waste can sit in landfill. It has four levels and is great for kids of all ages. Using an airbrush, the kids are able to sort the items and identify whether they should be sent into the plastic, paper, metal, or trash bin. If they send the wrong items to the trash bin, the screen will display how long it will sit in the landfill compared to other garbage items.

  1. Schoolyard Recycling

This recycling game is similar to Recycle This. A tube releases different types of materials like paper which your child has to sort and place into garbage bins, recyclable bins, or compost bins.

  1. 3Rs Most Extreme Challenge

This is another sorting game presented by California’s Integrated Waste Management Board. It is very interactive and educational at the end of the play.

  1. Ollie’s World

Apart from offering fun games and activities for kids, the Ollie’s website is very informative when it comes to environmental sustainability. Its main emphasis is on the four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink.

  1. Clean Up the River

From Australia, the clean up river is specially designed for primary school kids. Although it requires hand-eye coordination, this game provides vital information to the children.

Others include: CanIT, Sort ‘n’ recycle, garbage dreams, super sorter Eco kids, and ROSCOE’s recycle room.

Recycling Games for Mobile Devices

The recycling games for mobile devices include Recycling Toss, Educational kids recycling, recycle rangers, garbage trucker recycling sim, hammermill recycle toss, recycle time, I recycle, recycle dump truck simulation, and more.

Best Online Riddle Games for Brain Exercise

06.11.2018, 12:18

If you are bored or just want to pass your time, then playing riddle games is the best thing to do. These riddles are the type of games that offer multi-level stages, clues, codes, and hints. These games will definitely give your brain a good exercise.

Answering riddles is definitely the best answer if you want to pass your time and give your mind a little bit of workout. Below, we have listed the best online riddle games that you can play during your free time.


This game is being hailed as “the hardest riddle on the internet” by its creator and its gamers. As a matter of fact, a total of 17 million players have already played the game, but only 31 people completed it. Each level contains clues and hints that will help you move on to the next level. It gets easy at the start, but it will get harder once you move to the higher levels.

The Da Vinci Code

Inspired by the famous book written by Dan Brown, this game will surely give your brain a good workout. The game consists of 800 riddles, codes, and anagrams that will both challenge and entertain the user. The hints and clues in this game will make the gamer feel like a detective.

Odd Pawn

This game is one of the biggest riddle games on the internet that has over 300 levels and will surely challenge your brain skills. It is basically a game of logic where you need to analyze what is presented to you and use it to answer a particular question. Tools such as an image and sound editor and Google can be handy in this game.

Einstein’s Riddle

This is a game that will surely give your brain a good mental exercise. Unlike other riddle games and riddle answers, Einstein’s Riddle contains just a single level. But don’t expect it to be easy as it will definitely challenge your mental capability. In this game, you will receive facts about five men and will try to answer a question in the riddle using logic and deduction.


This is a game that requires the agility and the flexibility of your mind. This is another URL changing riddle game that also needs to use different kinds of software such as an image and sound editor. The game requires you to solve the riddle first before going to the next level.


This is good for people who like traditional riddle games as it’s the kind of game that will challenge and confuse the gamer. Google and Zahada online forums will be your big help when looking for hints and clues in solving the riddles.    

Video Gaming and CBD

24.09.2018, 12:54

Playing video games is not just about sitting on the couch and engaging in the game all day. It takes a lot of dedication, practice, concentration, awareness, and most definitely teamwork. Sometimes when we get all carried away by the moment, we might end up making a mess of the game. However, when you use CBD oil you can gain some control. It also gets you going in playing the game.

The substance cannabidiol is a component that is extracted from a marijuana plant. It is not the usual kind of pot since it does not get the user all high. CBD is unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is the particular chemical that makes you feel euphoric in weed). One of the reasons why it has this effect is that it binds directly with the cannabinoid receptors that are located in your brain.

When playing challenging games, not all of us can control our tempers and emotions.  We tend to get carried away,  and we end up losing our cool. There are certain things that hinder us from showing our hidden potentials and such issues could be eliminated by using CBD Oils. Through this, gamers can play all out and bring in their “A” game. CBD also helps people handle their social anxiety. For gamers, it is important for a gaming team to communicate well among each other so that they could have a better match against the opposing team. Through playing with people, you are having a fun experience and at the same time, it is a social event. If you get paranoid you are going to miss all the action and fun that is going on.

Some people also get overwhelmed with a game; a particular example of this is Overwatch. There are 12 characters that are running all around the place trying to fight and kill each other; it is going to be an all-out battle. There are also objectives that you need to keep in mind. With a lot of things that are going on, your brain will be overloaded. CBD can help users calm down and be able to think properly and concentrate on the game. Players will be able to solve difficult puzzles, strategize properly on how to achieve the objectives, and win the match.

Using CBD oil also helps prevent people from getting too impulsive. It allows the brain to rule out consequences even if you have not taken any action yet. It helps you make good decisions not only when it comes to gaming but when it comes to life in general as well.

It is not bad to use CBD Oils; it is actually beneficial in a lot of ways. Gamers can then focus and concentrate on playing video games and socialize with other gamers without feeling all anxious and paranoid. At the same time, gamers could show their talents by joining gaming tournaments or competitions, and the most important part: having fun and having the best time of their lives.

GAMERSUNITY wünscht frohe Weihnachten!

24.12.2008, 21:32 (Translate in english)
Tja meine Lieben, es ist wieder soweit: Die Verwandtschaft schneit ins Haus, der Schnee dafür nicht, die Weihnachtsgans hat ihren spektakulären Fluchtversuch nicht überlebt und dampft nun gemütlich im heißen Ofen, die Geschenke sind verpackt und wart... (read more)

GAMERSUNITY.DE erstrahlt in neuem Glanze

20.12.2008, 00:17 (Translate in english)
Die Festtage und das große Fressen stehen quasi vor der Tür, und wie jeder weiß gibt es in dieser Zeit nichts schöneres, als gemütlich bei Familie, Freunden und GAMERSUNITY die Stunden zu verbringen. Damit vor allem Letzteres gelingt, haben wir un... (read more)

Keine Glückssache

19.12.2008, 14:02 (Translate in english)
Mit Poker verhält es sich wie mit jedem anderem Strategiespiel - Glück brauchen nur die schlechten Spieler. Bist du in der Lage, die Schwächen deines Gegners zu erkennen und deine Strategie darauf anzupassen, kann ihm nur noch (read more)

[Advertising] Keine Glückssache

18.12.2008, 20:33 (Translate in english)
Mit Poker verhält es sich wie mit jedem anderem Strategiespiel - Glück brauchen nur die schlechten Spieler. Bist du in der Lage, die Schwächen deines Gegners zu erkennen und deine Strategie darauf anzupassen, kann ihm nur (read more)

[Advertising] Keine Glückssache

18.12.2008, 20:02 (Translate in english)
Mit Poker verhält es sich wie mit jedem anderem Strategiespiel - Glück brauchen nur die schlechten Spieler. Bist du in der Lage, die Schwächen deines Gegners zu erkennen und deine Strategie darauf anzupassen, kann ihm nur noch (read more)

Stellenausschreibung für die inGame Technik

16.12.2008, 17:47 (Translate in english)
Zur erneuten Verstärkung unseres technischen Teams sucht die ingame GmbH kurzfristig Programmierer, Templater und Server-Administratoren. Wer Interesse hat, an spannenden Projekten in einem der größten und ältesten, deutschen (read more)

Hellgate: London, die zweite Invasion

15.12.2008, 00:02 (Translate in english)
Korea im Glück, wir weiter mit Pech. Noch im Dezember soll Hellgate: London und dessen Spielern auf den koreanischen Servern ein neues Update spendiert werden. Für uns in Europa steht weiter die Abschaltung der Server auf dem Plan. In "Hellgate: Lond... (read more)


14.12.2008, 12:47 (Translate in english)
Leider hatten wir gestern, aus bislang ungeklärten Gründen, massive Probleme mit unseren Servern. Load-Spitzen von bis zu 100 führten dazu, daß unsere Seiten und Foren über längere Zeiträume hinweg schlicht (read more)

[Advertising] Poker - Keine Glückssache

12.12.2008, 06:02 (Translate in english)
Wenn ich Freunden erzähle, dass ich den Abend mit Online Poker verbracht habe, ist die erste Frage, die sie mir stellen „um echtes Geld?“. Und auch wenn mir die Antwort „nein, ich drucke mir vorher welches“ immer (read more)

Bilder vom Adventszocken

08.12.2008, 01:47 (Translate in english)
[user]MaeVer[/user] von hat ein spontanes Adventszocken ins Leben gerufen, bei dem zur so stillen Vorweihnachtszeit einige Spieler erschienen sind um unser Lieblingsspiel zu feiern. Damit alle die davon nichts mitbekommen haben einen kleinen... (read more)

Hellgater sammelt euch - Auf zum großen Adventszocken !

03.12.2008, 19:17 (Translate in english)
Die Winterzeit hat begonnen und es bleiben nicht mehr viele Tage für uns Hellgate:London online zu erleben. Darum dieser Aufruf unseres Forenmitglieds MaeVer an alle die gewillt sind diese letzten Tage zu nutzen und sich einfach noch (read more)

Phil Shenk Forms New Game Company

02.12.2008, 09:47
While not directly related to Diablo 3, this is to do with one of the ex Diablo 2 designers, one who was quite well known as one of the people behind the art in Diablo 2’s expansion pack. Many people would also recognise him for his work on Flagshi... (read more)

Tolle Preise im gamona Adventskalender

01.12.2008, 17:02 (Translate in english)
Jetzt, wo in den Fußgängerzonen schon überall die Festbeleuchtung angebracht worden ist und es in vielen Küchen nach weihnachtlichen Plätzchen durftet, haben sicherlich einige von euch einen Adventskalender an der Wand hänge... (read more)


01.12.2008, 16:02 (Translate in english)
Aufgrund technischer Probleme im Rechenzentrum, sowie vollen Festplatten auf zwei unserer Server, war leider unser gesamtes Netzwerk zwischen 11.00 und 14.00 kaum zu erreichen. Wir bitten diesen Ausfall zu entschuldigen. Eine gute Nachricht (read more)

Der Weihnachts-Contest

01.12.2008, 14:47 (Translate in english)
Im Weihnachtsspecial werden wir euch bis das Christkind kommt täglich Rätsel und Aufgaben stellen, die sich rund um Diablo, dessen Charaktere, Spielwelt und Geschichte drehen. Dabei geht´s wie in einer guten alten Schnitzeljagd quer Beet du... (read more)

Der große Adventskalender 2008

29.11.2008, 20:02 (Translate in english)
Morgen, Gamer, wird's was geben ! Morgen ist erster Advent. Noch 24 lange Tage des Wartens, bis ihr unter der Weihnachtstanne Loot abgreifen könnt... denkt ihr! Morgen startet der große Adventskalender 2008 ! 24 mal für euch die Chance jetzt ... (read more) erweitert das ingame Network in Zusammenarbeit mit Gameforge

23.11.2008, 21:17 (Translate in english) heist die neueste Webseite die das ingame Netzwerk erweitern wird. Seit über einem Jahr läuft Metin 2 schon als freies MMO-Rollenspiel ohne monatliche Fix-Kosten. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Gameforge haben wir inMetin (read more)

Neue Netzwerkseite zu The Old Republic

19.11.2008, 15:47 (Translate in english)
Die Entwicklung eines Star Wars MMORPGs durch LucasArts und Bioware ist mittlerweile keine Neuigkeit mehr. Wir sind während der letzten Wochen auch nicht untätig geblieben und haben an einer neuen Netzwerkseite gearbeitet, die von jetzt an unter... (read more)

Ankündigung einer Downtime

18.11.2008, 18:02 (Translate in english)
In der Nacht von Donnerstag (20.11.2008) auf Freitag (21.11.2008) werden in unserem Rechenzentrum in Düsseldorf Wartungsarbeiten durchgeführt. Dabei erfährt das Core-Routing Equipment ein Upgrade und wird teilweise ausgetauscht (read more)

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